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AMC Javelin AMX

AMC Javelin AMX

The American Motors Corporation's Javelin AMX was a sporty coupe-type automobile in the 'pony car' class built by American Motors Corporation between 1968 and 1974. It was intended to rival other similar cars of the era such as the Ford Mustang and Chevrolet Camaro. 

At launch, it was available with a variety of AMC engines from an economical 232 in straight-6 through three V8s, including (with the optional "Go Package") a 4-barrel carbureted 343 in V8. That package also included power front disc brakes, dual exhausts, and wide tires. The SST trim level gave a greater degree of luxury.

Road & Track compared the Javelin favorably to its competitors on its introduction in 1968. They felt that the lack of a "big, heavy, super-powerful engine" was an asset in such a small vehicle, and called the styling "pleasant". The non-power steering in the "quick-steering" option received poor marks, however, as did the disc/drum brakes. A two-seat, shortened version of the Javelin was produced for the same years as the AMC AMX.


AMX Javelin Resources

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AMC Muscle Cars (Muscle Car Color History) (Paperback) Well, there are not so many books on AMC motorcars (there are only photo albums). But don't be disappointed! You've just found the best one. The book has it all. (Amazon Customer Review)

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AMC Performance Cars: 1951-1983 Photo Archive (Photo Archive) (Paperback) Documents the appealing, high-performance AMC cars. Starting with the 1951 Nash-Healey, then the Hudson Hornet, Nash Ambassador "Le Mans", the awesome 1957 Rambler Rebel, the 1966-1969 Rambler American Rogue, the Rebel Machine, AMX, 1969 Scrambler, 1971 Hornet SC360, 1972-1975 V8 Gremlin, Javelin, and others. (From Book's Description)


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AMC Cars: 1954-1987 An Illustrated History (Paperback)


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