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Chevrolet Chevelle SS

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Chevrolet Chevelle

The Chevrolet Chevelle was created in 1964 as a midsize model automobile from Chevrolet. It was produced throughout the 1960s and 70s and was one of General Motors' most successful models. Chevelle models ranged from economical family cars (by the standards of the day) to powerful coupes.

The Chevelle SS represented Chevrolet's entry into the hot midsize muscle car battle. Early 1964 and 1965 Chevelles had a Malibu SS badge on the quarter panels; after 1966, the Malibu badging disappeared except for those sold in Canada. The Chevelle SS was the high performance version and had its own line of engines and performance equipment. The engines available included a 350, a 396 - rated at 325, 250 and 375hp, and the venerable 454 - rated at 390 and 450hp. It was the 454 that made the Chevelle a legend. The Ls-6, with 450hp and 500lb-ft of torque would rocket this car through the 1/4 mile in low to mid 13s at 105-108mph. After 1970, the engine ratings went south quickly and 1972 would be the last of the great Chevelle SS models. With the top engine rated at 245 gross horsepower, the car was a good performer, but not legendary.




Chevy Chevelle SS 1964 - 1973

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Top Three Chevelle Books From Amazon


Chevelle SS 1964-1972, A Muscle Car Source Book (Paperback) A "must" for all muscle car fans, Chevelle SS 1964-1972 is essential reading for anyone contemplating buying one of these increasingly valuable cars, if only to avoid being taken in by a clone and ending up paying more than the car's true market value. (Amazon Customer Review)

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Original Chevelle 1964-1972 (Original Series) (Hardcover) The abundance of information—serial and engine numbers, paint codes, trim, options, and technical tips—featured here are essential to enthusiasts interested in achieving an authentic restoration. The author’s expert advice is sure to help readers avoid the pitfalls that can often ruin an otherwise successful restoration. Lavishly illustrated with exclusive color photography to emphasize all of the information described. (From Book's Description)

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Chevelle 1964-1972 (Motorbooks International Muscle Car Color History) (Paperback) This book provides many interesting historic notes about the conception and development of the Chevelle line. If you're looking for the story behind the car and some exceptional pictures I highly recommend this book.  (Amazon Customer Review)

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