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Carburetor Upgrades, Installing The New Carburetor (First Half)

Edelbrock Performer Series 1405 
Edelbrock Performer Series 1405

In part three of our four part series on carburetor upgrades we mount the new carburetor and install the fuel line and the fuel filter. Be sure to determine if you need an intake manifold adaptor before you begin the installation process. An adaptor is needed if you are trying to mount a square bore carburetor onto a spread bore intake manifold or vice versa. Also, this is a good time to replace the fuel line and fuel filter.

Main Points – How To Install The New Carburetor

  • You may need an intake manifold adapter plate to mount the new carburetor to the intake manifold. For example, if the new carburetor is a square bore carburetor, such as the Edelbrock Performer Series, and the old carburetor was a spread bore, such as a GM quadrajet, then an adapter plate is required.
  • Determine if you will need the vacuum port on the rear of the carburetor. On some cars this port supplies vacuum to the power breaks. If you car does not have power breaks or the power breaks use vacuum from the intake manifold, you will need to plug this port. Otherwise, you will have a strong vacuum leak. Most kits supply a plug for the port.
  • Installing the carburetor is basically the reverse of removal process discussed in part two of this series. Screw in the new studs and install the new gasket. Next, visually inspect the new carburetor for any packing material or debris. Be careful that nothing finds its way into the intake manifold openings. Finally, place the new carburetor onto the studs and bolt it on.
  • Now is a good time to replace the old fuel lines and the fuel filter. After you have replaced them, connect the fuel line to the carburetor. Ensure that the fuel filter is orientated correctly. There should be arrows on the filter that indicate the direction of the fuel flow. Generally the arrows should point towards the carburetor. If the filter does not have arrow it will have the word “in” stamped on one side. The site indicates the fuel intake and it should be placed away from the carburetor.

Part four of this series will show you how to reinstall the linkage and get you ready to start the engine for the first time.

The rest of the “How To Replace A Carburetor Series” is below:

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