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Factory Five 33 Ford Hot Rod

“The design goal of the car was pure vintage lines dragged kicking and screaming into the 21st century with CAD/CAM technology and race car engineering. “ Factory Five Website

  • The Factory Five Hot Rod Kit comes with everything except for the engine, transmission, rear end, wheels, tires, battery, fuel pump and paint.
  • The kit is designed for the purest and comes without fenders or a hard top. For those wanting a little extra, both a hard top and fenders are available as options.
  • Factory Five offers a complete kit or the option to purchase the Hot Rod in two stages. The two stage option works well for those on a budget or those with limited space.

Kit Car Specifications

33 Ford Hot Rod
Basic Kit Price
Recommended Engine
Primary Donor Car
Estimated Build Time
Performance 0-60
3.4 seconds
Performance Quarter Mile
11.6 sec @ 129 mph
Initial Kit Price
Estimated Build Cost
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Today, most builders of these classic Hot Rods get their parts from a variety of sources; frames come from one source, the body from another and so on. Factor Five saw an opportunity to provide builders with a “complete kit” with all-new parts except for running gear. Because Factory Five Racing is a performance company at heart, they couldn’t just reproduce the original. They had to create a car that is wider, lower, and more radical than the original. The basic kit costs $19,990 and comes with everything needed to complete the car with the exception of the power train, wheels and paint. Optional items include a hard top at $1,999 and fenders with running boards at $1,299.

As mentioned, the complete kit costs $19,990. However, if funds or storage space is limited the ’33 Hot Rod can be purchased in stages. The Stage One package consists of the frame, suspension, steering and everything you need to build a running chassis. The Stage Two package consists of the body, panels, interior, lighting, trim and everything you need to finish your Hot Rod project. Both stages currently cost $9,990 each. The prices are very reasonable considering that most companies will charge considerably than the cost of a complete kit when buying the kit in phases.

About Factory Five Racing

Factory Five Racing was founded in 1995 by David and Mark Smith. Since 1995, the business has grown from a start-up business in a small garage to become the world’s largest manufacturer of component car kits. Factory Five Racing currently produces five kits: the Factory Five Mark 3 (Mk3), the Factory Five GTM, the Factory Five Type 65 Coupe, the Factor Five Challenge and the Factory Five ’33 Ford.

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They have done it again

Factory Five has come out with another one of the well-designed kits. From the looks of the car, it will set a new standard in the component hot rod segment. The price is affordable and Factory Five has a tremendous reputation for quality. It deserves a careful look.

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