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Carburetor Upgrades, Introduction To The Carburetor

One of the easiest engine modifications for the muscle car enthusiast is the installation of a new carburetor. This is also one of the quickest ways to increase horse power, especially when coupled with a new performance intake manifold.

This is the first video in a four part series on carburetor replacement for muscle cars. The videos in the series do a good job of explaining all the steps necessary. They cover everything from removal of the old carburetor to installation of the new one and how to make the correct adjustments after installation.


This video explains sizing requirements, some of the accessories need and provides a basic overview of the Edelbrock Performer Series 1406 carburetor. It is well worth viewing. Some of the main points are listed below:

  • Performance enthusiasts tend to install carburetors larger than they really need. This can result in poor throttle response and poor gas millage.
  • A stock or slightly modified engine that displaces less than 350 cubic inches works well with a 500 cfm carburetor.
  • Engine sized between 350 cubic inches and 454 cubic inches works well with a 600 cfm carburetor.
  • Engines larger than 454 cubic inches or highly modified engines require the 750 cfm or 800 cfm carburetors.
  • A few screwdrivers, a basic socket set and a gasket scraper are all that is required to change out a carburetor.
  • It’s a good idea to replace the fuel filter and fuel lines when you are replacing the carburetor. This can save trouble down the line and make your engine bay look better. There is nothing worse that tattered fuel lines hooking up to a shiny new carburetor.

The rest of the “How To Replace A Carburetor Series” is below:

Edelbrock Performer Series Carburetors are not that expensive. They generally range from $325-$500 for new ones on Amazon to $250 for new ones and $150 for used ones on ebay. If you are interested in comparing prices check out these two links:
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